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Entering Players into US Club Soccer Website - Player Passes

In order to complete the process below, you will need 3 items from every player on your team:

  1. The US Club Player Membership Form (it can be found on our website under Resources -> Carding Forms). There are also instructions on that page regarding how your players’ parents can upload their paperwork.
  2. A copy of their birth certificate or passport, or other official government document showing their date of birth.
  3. A headshot photo - notice I said “headshot” and not full body - The photo MUST be from around the shoulders to the top of their head. It needs to be clear and close enough that the referee can clearly verify their identity. Full body shots are NOT permitted, nor are photos with sunglasses or hats on. Basically it should be similar to a passport photo.

As far as the necessary paperwork, some of your players may have uploaded the forms to TeamSnap when they accepted the offer to join NLSA. To see whether they did so, you will need to log into TeamSnap, then go to your roster page, and then click on the player’s name, and then scroll to the bottom of their page, to the “Player Links and Files” section. If any of the documents were uploaded, they will appear in this section and you can click on the corresponding link to download. Once you’ve checked a player, you can click on the arrow next to their name towards the top right corner of the page to move on to the next player.

If they haven’t uploaded the paperwork, you can either: (a) have them email it to you, (b) direct them to the Resources -> Carding Forms page on our website mentioned above, which contains instructions on how to upload it to TeamSnap, or (c) have them give you a hard copy for you to scan.

Once you’re ready, follow the instructions below to load your team into the US Club Soccer Website:

  1. Log into the site at - for most of you, your login should be your NLSA email address. You should have received an email previously from US Club soccer to the email address that they have on file for your account. Check your old emails or spam before contacting me.
  2. Click on Players then View All Players so you can see who is currently in the system for your team.
  3. If there are players there who are no longer on your team, let me know so I can remove them.
  4. If there are players who are new to your team, but they currently play for another NLSA team, let me know so I can transfer them to your roster.
  5. For all NEW players, do the following:
    1. Click the Blue Add Player button.
    2. Enter the Players First Name, Last Name, Gender and DOB.
    3. For the primary phone field, you can just enter 609-555-1212 or anything random.
    4. Enter the player's address
    5. For Proof of Birth, click Browse and then upload a copy of their birth certificate, passport, or other official document
    6. For Medical Waiver, you can just click the Certify on File check box, there’s no need to upload the Medical Waiver, although you will want to have a hard copy with you at all games & tournaments.
    7. Click on the Blue “Upload Photo” button that appears where you entered their name, and upload a JPG/JPEG headshot photo.
  6. Once all of the above is done, click on “Add Player to Team” at the bottom of the page.

Once you’ve entered all of your players, let me know so I can request player passes. For US Club, player passes for the new season can be requested beginning July 1st, so I will be placing orders beginning then. The sooner you get everyone uploaded the better, because as we get closer and closer to the start of the Fall season, US Club gets overloaded with pass requests and processing takes longer.

Also, if any of your new players are coming from a non-NLSA team, please ask them if they were previously US Club carded and, if they were, please ask them to contact their former team manager or coach and ask that they be “released” via the US Club website, otherwise we will not be able to request their new player pass.

Once their player pass has been approved, I will send you an email letting you know. Once you receive that email, you can go back into the US Club Soccer website and print the player passes. To do so:

  1. Log into the US Club website at
  2. Go to “Cards” and then “Print Cards”
  3. Click the Check Box next to each player that you want to print
  4. At the bottom of the page click the Blue button that says “Print X Cards” The PDF file that is generated will print 5 passes on a single sheet of paper, so it’s best to print them in bunches to conserve paper. You don’t need to print the top sheet.
  5. The passes should be printed on heavier weight white cardstock. I have plenty of the paper available and will give you sheets upon request.
  6. Once you’ve printed the passes, cut off all 4 edges, cut along the line at the bottom of each pass, fold each pass individually in half so that the photo is the front “side” and the US Club Soccer logo is the back “side”, and then laminate them. If you pay to have them laminated at Staples or Kinkos, send me the receipt and we’ll reimburse you. I also have a laminating machine you can borrow if you’d like.

If you have any questions, please let Rob know.

All camp activities for July 17th currently SUSPENDED due to weather. Games will resume at 6:45pm.