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Printing Player Passes, Medical Release Forms, & Official Roster

All NLSA team managers have been given admin access to the Stack Sports/US Soccer Connect site. If you need your login credentials, please email Rob.

Once you are logged in as an Admin, and you’re on your team page with the list of all your players and their green check marks….

Player Passes

To print the player passes, go to Members in the top right hand corner and click on Print Member Cards. You’ll then print the passes on the heavier card stock (like we did for US Club), cut them, and laminate them. The passes do not have to be signed and they are only 1-sided. For some reason when the system creates the PDF file, it puts blank passes on every other page, you can delete those pages as they are not necessary.

Medical Release Forms

To print Medical Release Forms, look between your list of Coaches and list of Players on your team page, and you’ll see “Print Medical Releases for Team Roster”. Click that button and it will automatically generate a PDF, which will contain the Medical Release forms for each player. You might want to have parents sign and date them to be safe.

Official NJYS Roster
To print your Official Roster, go to the Leagues & Tournaments section in the middle of your team page and click on "Manage Roster" to the right of the CJYSA-EDP Season entry. On the page that opens up, click Print in the top right corner and it will generate a PDF of your Official Roster.
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