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Player Carding Process

Carding for all NLSA teams is now done through New Jersey Youth Soccer, via the online portal with StackSports/US Soccer Connect.  Please follow the step-by-step directions below to upload your player's information so that it can be processed and approved by the State office.

  1. Go to and click the “Player Registration” tab and then click “Register Now” in the “Travel Players” box.
  2. On next page, enter in PARENT/ADULT information
  3. On next page, enter/confirm the PARENT/ADULT information & if desired (although not necessary) enter a second ADULT/PARENT’s information
  4. Click “Continue to Register Players” at bottom of screen
  5. Select Appropriate Age for your child’s team (note that for the 2018-19 soccer year, the birth year of team + their “U” age will equal 19)

08 = U11

07 = U12

06 = U13

05 = U14

04 = U15

03 = U16

02 = U17

01 = U18

00 = U19

  1. Enter/confirm the PLAYER’s information - make sure the name used matches exactly what is on their birth certificate or passport (which you’ll be uploading on the next page)
  2. Click “Continue to Documents” at bottom of page
  3. Upload HEADSHOT photo of your player - this is critically important. The picture MUST be a clear, headshot (from top of shoulders to top of head), similar to a drivers license or passport photo. Action photos, full body photos, etc. are NOT acceptable and will be rejected and will delay processing your child’s player pass, which means he or she may have to miss games. Please also make sure they are not wearing a hat, glasses, etc.
  4. When uploading the photo, you’ll have the opportunity to crop it and once that’s done, click the save button (looks like an old floppy disk). You’ll know the photo saved correctly if a thumbnail of the photo appears on the registration screen after you close the upload pop-up.
  5. Upload a clear copy of your child’s birth certificate OR passport - something that is government issued that will verify their DOB and birth name. You’ll know this uploaded correctly if you see an image of a certificate with a gold ribbon.
  6. Click “Continue to Waivers” at bottom of page
  7. Read and then acknowledge the NJ Youth Soccer Medical Release by clicking the checkbox
  8. Click “Continue to Register Players” at bottom of page
  9. If you have another child to register for NLSA, choose “Someone else…” and Click “Add Registration for Selected Player” OR if this was your only NLSA player then click “Continue Registration” below their name.
  10. Confirm that your child’s name and the team’s U-age are shown correctly and click “Continue to Payment Method” (no payment is required)
  11. Click “Confirm Registration”
  12. You’re Done! You will receive a confirmation email from “Next Level SA via Stack Sports Mail”. You will be contacted if there is any issue with the pass. Otherwise the team manager will be notified when its approved.




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