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How We Can Help - NLSA's Recruiting Services
College recruitment is a big part of NLSA. As student athletes look to join a college program that best fits their academic and soccer needs, NLSA will aid this process. There are many options available to players, from local Division III schools to nationally ranked Division I and II schools looking at and contacting NLSA for players.

The NLSA coaching & executive staff will help with the following:

  • Step by step directions of the process. (The complete process from start to finish)
  • To play at the college level or not to play -- is it right for you?
  • What is it like to be a walk-on Athlete?
  • A day in the life of a college soccer student-athlete.
  • The importance of your student's grades and their relation to scholarship opportunities -- After all, it's all about getting a great education along with your athletic ability.
  • Information on how to promote and market your student athlete.
  • The athlete's introductory cover letter and Athletic Resume.
  • Information on what the college soccer coaches are looking for in an athlete.
  • Assistance in making contact with the college coaches.
  • Preparation of your player profile, which you can email to college coaches.

Additionally, each year we hold an open forum where we invite back NLSA alumni and other former collegiate athletes to discuss their experiences as student-athletes at varying levels of scholastic and athletic institutions. These forums are always an eye-opening experience for players and parents alike and are a tremendously popular event.

There is a lot of work left for the athlete as well as the parents, but in the end if you can obtain a college education without going deep in debt, playing a sport you love, you're starting off on the right foot.

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