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Next Level Soccer Academy

NLSA Expands Training Programs

Brian Thomsen, NLSA’s new Technical Director, is having an immediate impact with the implementation of several exciting programs for NLSA players and for other regional soccer players looking to further develop their skills.

Internal Programs (for NLSA Players):

  1. Technical Training: We will be running seasonal in-house technical training clinics year round, to offer an additional training opportunity during the week besides your team training sessions. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, this will be a cost-free program. However, during the winter months, there will be a nominal fee. Information on this winter’s technical training can be found under the NLTA (Next Level Training Academy) tab on our website.
  2. Player Evaluations: Each player will receive an extensive player evaluation in the Spring from their coach and another NLSA staff member, so our players understand where they stand from both a team and player development perspective.
  3. College Prep Presentations: From January to May, the NLSA staff will have one presentation per month where we will go over the college recruiting process, the expectations the players and parents should be setting, and the communication that should be happening with the coaches.
  4. One-on-One/Small Group Private Training: NLSA will now be offering one-on-one or small group technical private training sessions, by request only. This will be a cost-based program and more information will be coming out shortly.
  5. One-on-One Consultations: We will also be offering one-on-one consultations where NLSA staff members will work with you on soccer mentality, college advisement, and goal setting. This will be a cost-based program and more information will be coming out shortly.
  6. Summer College Prep: This will be a revamp of our college preparation training program which includes our U20/U23 teams and a 10-week training program led by Technical Director Brian Thomsen. These programs will be offered to our graduating seniors and current college-aged players.
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External Programs (Open to the Public):

  1. Summer Select Teams
  2. Futsal Select Teams
  3. Technical Clinics
  4. Private & Small Group Training
  5. Summer Day & Overnight Camps
  6. External Team Training
  7. Li’l Kickers NLSA classes

With these programs, NLSA aims continue to develop soccer talent in the region through our external programs, and to bring increased value to our Club members as we continue to offer the best all-around club soccer environment in Mercer County. If you have any specific questions about the programs offered above, or the changes, please email Brian Thomsen at

Details on all of these programs, as they are released, can be found under the NLTA (Next Level Training Academy) on our website.