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Printing Game Cards for EDP Games

To generate your game cards, go into Got Soccer and on your list of Events, click where it says "View" under the Schedule column for the EDP League Registration Event for the current soccer year. Click on the game number of the game for which you want to generate a game card.

You will need to generate a game card for each game, regardless of whether you are home or away. And don't forget your referee fee for each game and, most importantly, the player passes for that game.

If you print your Game Card and your team's player pass #s begin with NJYS, then follow these instructions:

  • Log into your GotSoccer account and on the landing page, find your current year's league event (e.g. EDP Spring 2017) and click on it.
  • On the next page that opens up, find the Application Information section and within that section find where it says Player ID #s and click to change the drop down from Default to US Club. Once you've done so, click Save.

IMPORTANT: If your opponent's roster on the game card contains pass numbers that begin with NJxxxx, please contact your opposing manager immediately and let them know that we only have US Club passes and so all of our games are played with US Club passes. If their reply is that they don't have US Club passes, then contact the league immediately as the game CANNOT be played and whichever team is the away team will be wasting a trip driving to the other field. You must contact the League immediately and cc Rob on your email. League rules require that both teams use the same passes for all league games, and for us that means that both teams must use US Club passes as we do not have NJYS passes. For this reason, it's a good idea to print the game card at least the Wednesday or Thursday before the scheduled game day so that if there's an issue, the League can address it during normal business hours.

It would also be a good idea, when communicating with your opponent to schedule/confirm the game, to address the player pass issue then, so that any problems can be corrected weeks, rather than days (or hours) before gameday.

All camp activities for July 17th currently SUSPENDED due to weather. Games will resume at 6:45pm.