Player Carding Process

Carding for all NLSA teams is done through New Jersey Youth Soccer, via the online portal with StackSports/US Soccer Connect.  Please follow the step-by-step directions below to upload & submit your player's information so that it can be processed and approved by the State office.

For players who reside in Pennsylvania, you will first begin your process here (PA Export Player). After you receive your physical 2019-2020 player pass from EPYSA, then you'll return here and complete the steps below.

For everyone else, please read on:

  1. Go to and click where it says "Register Now” in the box titled “2019-2020 Travel NJYS Season Player”
  2. Update/Enter all required and/or desired information and proceed through the remaining screens in the registration process. For your player's information, please make sure the name matches EXACTLY what is on their birth certificate or passport otherwise the pass may not be approved.
  3. On the “Choose Category” Page, if more than one option appears, make sure you pick the one that corresponds to the team your child will be playing on for the 2019-2020 season, which may not necessarily be their birth year.
  4. THIS IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: When you get to the Photo & ID Documents page, please check the photo for your player if one is already there. If it’s an old/outdated photo, or not a passport-style, close-up headshot photo, please replace it with one that is. The photo needs to be something that the referee can look at to confirm your player’s identity at check-in before the game. So, full body or action shots, while fun to look at, are worthless for carding purposes, so please do not use them. Please also make sure they are not wearing a hat or sunglasses, and make sure they are looking directly at the camera. Again, think what would be acceptable for a passport. The photo must be in JPEG/JPG format. If you reside in Pennsylvania, SKIP this step as no headshot photo is necessary.
  5. If you’ve previously uploaded the birth certificate, then you will not need to do that again. If not, please upload either their birth certificate or current passport showing their Date of Birth. This must be uploaded as a PDF file. -- If you reside in Pennsylvania, you will instead upload a PDF of your child's EPYSA Player Pass for the 2019-2020 season.
  6. On the next page, if you have another child to register for NLSA, choose “Someone else…” and Click “Add Registration for Selected Player” OR if this was your only NLSA player then click “Continue Registration” below their name.
  7. On the next page, click where it says "Continue to Payment Method" when you get to the Review page (don’t worry there’s no charge)
  8. Click Confirm Registration on the next page
  9. You’re Done! You will receive a confirmation email from “Next Level SA via Stack Sports Mail”. You will be contacted if there is any issue with the pass. Otherwise the team manager will be notified when it's approved.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, email Rob at