Concussion Protocol & Return to Play

Player safety is paramount at NLSA and, to that end, we are providing our members with information on Concussion Awareness and our Return to Play protocol.

As for our Concussion Protocol, as an organization, if any player is suspected of having a concussion, or is exhibiting concussion-like symptoms, they will be removed from active play, and we will notify their parent or guardian as soon as practical, including providing them with the NJYS Notification Form (download link below). Any player who does sustain a concussion will be required to obtain a doctor's note, clearing them to Return to Play, before they will be permitted to resume soccer activities. That doctor's note should be sent, in advance of their Return to Play, to for review. Upon review and approval of the doctor's note, the Club Admin will notify the player's family, the team coach, and the team manager, that the player is cleared to Return to Play. No other medical information will be shared.

If you have any questions regarding our policy, please contact one of the Club Admins to discuss.