What happens if someone tests positive?

In the unfortunate event that a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19, notification will be sent to that team alerting them of the positive test result. The identity of the individual who tested positive will not be disclosed without their (if age 18 or older), or their parent’s, consent.

We will consult with the COVID-positive player/coach, or their family if they are under the age of 18, to ascertain the date of their exposure to the virus or the start of symptoms (which we will call the “trigger date”).

All team-related activities for that team will be paused, pending the following:

  • All team members who had contact with the COVID-positive player or coach on or after the trigger date, whether it be at an NLSA event or elsewhere, will be encouraged to obtain a COVID test of their own. Upon submitting a negative test result obtained at least 5 days after their most-recent exposure to the COVID-positive player/coach, that player or coach can resume NLSA-related activities immediately.
  • Any player who does not wish to be tested can self-quarantine and monitor their symptoms for a period of 14 days following the date of their last contact with the COVID-positive player or coach. If that player remains entirely symptom free during that 14-day period, they can then resume NLSA-related activities without a test. If the player does experience any symptom(s), regardless of what is perceived to be the cause (allergies, etc.), the symptom(s) should be reported to NLSA, and the player will be required to obtain and submit a negative COVID test or a doctor's note before they can resume NLSA-related activities. This option is not available for NLSA coaches as they must obtain and submit a negative test result before returning to NLSA-related activities.

For the COVID-positive player/coach, they will be required to quarantine for 14 days from the start of symptoms (if symptomatic) or the date of the positive test (if asymptomatic), and then obtain and submit either a negative COVID test, or a doctor’s note clearing them to return to play post-COVID, before being permitted to resume participation in NLSA events. The doctor's note option is not available for NLSA coaches or staff.

Whenever testing is performed, it must be a Molecular/PCR test, so please consult with your physician or testing facility to confirm that prior to undergoing the test. Blood-based rapid tests or antigen tests will not be honored by NLSA for return to play.

The above protocols are based upon current government guidelines and consultation with medical professionals, and thus are subject to change should guidelines and recommendations change.