NLSA E-Sports FIFA '20 Tournament Rules



  1. Every participant is responsible for being aware of these rules. Saying you did not know about a rule is no excuse.
  2. Each participant may only create one entry per system. Players will be allowed to enter into the tournament for either system.
  3. Matches must be completed by the date assigned for each round. Failure to complete your match in that time will result in the disqualification of both players.
  4. Participants are required to play with the Gamertag (PSN/Xbox Account) they have specified on the bracket.
  5. Every player is responsible for their own connection. If one player loses connection during a game, the game will automatically be replayed if both participants agree. If both players cannot agree, the players can explain the situation to the Admin in an attempt to have the game replayed. Admin decisions are final.
  6. If there are reasons that you believe your opponent is not playing by the rules or there is extended lag but the game still finishes, report this to the Admin with the potential for a replay.

Tournament Guidelines

  1. The player who is designated as “home” will be responsible for inviting your opponent to the match and starting the match at the agreed-upon date and time.
  2. Both players are responsible for contacting each other and playing the game. If you are unable to contact the other player, please consult the Admin for help. Failure to respond to your opponent in the time allotted for your match will result in a forfeit.
  3. If both players are ready and the game has begun, no extra breaks will be allowed that are not already part of the game.
  4. Each player must take a photo of the score. This photo should contain the entire match summary screen that pops up at the end of the match. Each player should send their photos to the Admin by the end of match period.

Specific Game Settings

  1. General
    1. Settings: Standard Settings
    2. Match Duration: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
    3. Game Speed: Normal
    4. Level: Legendary
  2. All matches should be played as a ‘Friendly Match’
  3. All matches must be played with online squads
    1. If you believe your opponent has used players that have been either upgraded or moved onto the team that normally do not play for that club team, you may send pictures of the opponent's lineup or player ratings to the Admin. If a violation is found, that player gets a warning and the match will be replayed. If this happens again, that player will be disqualified.
  4. Only CLUB TEAMS are allowed. National teams are prohibited.
  5. You may NOT change your team once the tournament begins. If you signed up with another team and wish to change that team before the tournament has officially begun, please contact the Admin.

Tournament Format

  1. There are only two systems allowed (Xbox and PS4)
  2. Each system has its own tournament with three (3) different age groups:
    1. U14 & Younger
    2. U15 & Older
    3. Coaches/Parents/Alumni
  3. All rounds are considered knock-out stage matches and will be Best of One.
  4. When there is a tie, there will be a new match played as Golden Goal (The first team to score wins the match)
  5. If players would like, they can connect their systems to a streaming service through all stages of the tournament (Twitch or Mixer) and broadcast their games so that others can join in on the fun if they have chosen not to participate or have already been knocked out.
  6. Semi-Final and Final matches must be streamed through either of those two services. If you have questions, please contact the Admin. If you decide not to set up an account, the Admin will attempt to have his account signed in on your system in order to stream the match
    1. Only ONE (1) PLAYER needs to stream. Both participants can decide which player it will be ahead of time.
  7. The stream associated with the final matches will be published on the NLSA Instagram Page, with the Names, Teams, Etc. Of the Participants.

Behavior Rules

  1. All participants must treat each other, the Admin, and other tournament officials with respect.
  2. Hurtful, Offensive, or Racist conduct towards one’s opponent will result in immediate disqualification and other disciplinary actions.
  3. Bad language and/or threats against another player, the Admin, or other tournament officials will result in automatic disqualification.
  4. All participants are treated the same way by the Admin. When breaking the rules, the following disciplinary actions may be taken.
    1. Warning: Players can be warned of their conduct by the Admin. Should this happen, that player is required to make the changes necessary. Typically, a warning involving a match already played will result in a Match Replay. Each participant is only entitled to one (1) warning
    2. Match Replay: Should a warning be issued in response to the outcome or playing of a match, a network connection arises to which both players could not agree but in the Admin’s opinion, the match should be replayed, or any other circumstance in which the Admin believes a Match Replay is warranted, the Match shall be replayed.
    3. Disqualification: Serious violations of the rules (including those listed above), a violation occurring after a warning has been given, or any other violation to which the Admin feels necessary can result in disqualification. Should the happen, the player will be removed from the tournament and will no longer be allowed to participate in either tournament
    4. Disciplinary Action: Subject to the discretion of the Admin and Club Officials.

To contact the Admin, send an email to