Entering Roster into GotSoccer

This process is necessary so that your players and their Pass #s appear on the Game Cards that you will need to bring to each game. It is also necessary for registration for all tournaments.

1. Go to www.gotsoccer.com

2. Click on User Login in top right corner

3. Click on Teams

4. Under Team Account, enter in the User Name & Password you were provided

5. Make sure when your team account page opens up that the New Jersey Youth Soccer logo appears in the top left corner of the screen.  If not, contact your Club Representative/Registrar

6. In the Gray Menu Bar, click on Roster

7. Click on the “Add New Player” Button in the lower right corner

8. Enter in ONLY the following information:

  • Jersey #
  • Full Name (MUST match what's on the US Club roster)
  • Click the appropriate Gender
  • Enter in the CORRECT Date of Birth (double check against your NJYS Roster)
  • State Registered: NJ
  • Enter their NJYS player pass number in the Player ID# field.
  • On the Right Side of Screen, fill in ONLY Address, City, State, Zip, & parent’s E-mail address
  • Click “Save” at bottom of box

9. After screen re-freshes, click “Roster” in the Gray Menu Bar, and enter next player.