Game Day Info

Be sure to print Game Cards (from GotSoccer) for each game and bring the Game Card game, all player & coach passes, and your team’s share of the referee fee (see chart below). Verify that the correct pass numbers show on the Game Card.

You can print out as many "original" sets of player passes as you'd like and laminate them, so it might be a good idea to print an extra set or two and either give a set to your coach to hold on to, and/or leave a set in any cars you might be driving to the games, just in case.

Be sure to have the medical release forms with you in your Manager's bag at every game as well.

If your game is a home game, be sure to retrieve the corner flags from the storage bin on the side of Rob's house if you are the first NLSA game on that field and return them to the storage bin if you are the last NLSA game on that field for the day.

Here are the referee fees and game lengths for our EDP league games.  Each team is responsible for bringing 1/2 of the total referee fee. So for a 90-minute game, each team brings $90 in referee fees and for an 80-minute game, each team brings $80. If less than 3 referees show up for your game, then reduce the fee accordingly.

Age Group Game Length Referee Fees


 90 minutes  3 refs you pay $90, 2 refs you pay $68, 1 ref you pay $45


 80 minutes  3 refs you pay $80, 2 refs you pay $60, 1 ref you pay $40


 70 minutes  3 refs you pay $70, 2 refs you pay $53, 1 ref you pay $35


 60 minutes  3 refs you pay $60, 2 refs you pay $45, 1 ref you pay $30


Be sure to retrieve your team's player passes from the referees after the game is over and bring them home. NOTE: For EDP games, the referees do NOT keep the pass of a player who gets a red card. If the referee insists on keeping the pass, remind them to check the league rules or to call their referee assignor as the EDP referee procedures are pretty clear on this. If all else fails, let the referee keep the pass since you can always print another one when you get home. Remember, though, you are still required to have the player sit out the mandatory number of games. Consult with Rob for guidance.

Be sure to report league game scores promptly and per league instructions.