Game Day Protocols

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Consistent with our Club's Return to Play Protocols and the requirements of our Township and Field and Facility Owners, these Game Day Protocols have been established and should be adhered to.

Players, Coaches & Referees:

Before the game

  • Players, coaches, & referees must wear face coverings between the parking lot and the team bench/referee area.
  • As part of our return to play protocols, each player, coach, and referee must complete a health questionnaire on game day. The health questionnaire is essentially the same one that NJ Youth Soccer provided to all member Clubs.  The Health Questionnaire can be completed in 1 of 2 ways:
  • In addition, the NJ State Department of Health requires all Club Sports to comply with local Health Departments regarding contact tracing (See DOH Guidelines here). Consistent with those guidelines, our Township requires that contact tracing information be provided, via 1 of 2 options:
    • Using the Next Level Health Check App, which automatically generates the spreadsheet that is sent directly to the Township, or
    • Having a team representative complete an Excel version of the Township's spreadsheet, and then emailing that spreadsheet directly to the designated Township representative. If you choose this option, email us at and we'll provide the spreadsheet template and contact info for the designated Township representative.
  • The health questionnaire & contact tracing info can be "mix and match" meaning some members of the team can use the App while others go the manual route. The important thing is that it's done, one way or the other, for each player & coach on your team.
  • On arrival to the field, each Player, Coach, and Referee will check-in with a Representative from NLSA to have their temperature checked (must record 100.4 or lower) and to verify their health questionnaire (either with a Green certificate from the Health Check App or by showing the paper copy).

On the Field

  • Players can remove face coverings during active warm up and during the game, but should place their mask back on when on the sideline. Coaches should wear their face covering at all times. Referees can remove face coverings during the game.
  • Coach(es), players, and referees should maintain physical distancing during half time, water breaks, and at all times when off the field of play.
  • Coaches and players should maintain physical distancing in the “bench area” and referees should maintain physical distancing in between games.
  • The use of team benches is discouraged. Players should attempt to remain physically distanced on the sidelines, if space permits. Players may want to bring their own chair in lieu of the team bench. Chairs, as well as all personal equipment, beverages, jerseys, goalie gloves, etc. should not be shared.

 Parents and Spectators:

  • We request that only one (1) parent/supporter per player attend the match and all spectators who are not part of the same family should maintain physical distancing.
  • Spectators must wear a face covering from the car to the sideline, at which time it may be removed if physically distanced from other non-family members.
  • Contact tracing information must be provided for all spectators, using the same options as the players (either via the App or being added to the spreadsheet that the team is sending directly to the Township's representative. Again, this can be mix and match, with some spectators choosing to use the App while others are added to a spreadsheet sent manually by your team to the township's designated representative.
  • Spectators and the team they support will be situated on one side of the field, and the opposing team and their spectators are on the opposite side of the field. No spectators are permitted behind either goal/end line.
    • At all turf fields, spectators are not permitted inside the fence (see diagram below).
    • At all grass fields, spectators must remain at least 5 yards from the touchline and on the half of the field without the Assistant Referee (see diagram below). This is to provide proper physical distancing from the Assistant Referees and all players.
  • NLSA is a "One Voice" and "Let Us Play!" Club and all spectators in attendance, regardless of team affiliation, are expected to abide by the principles. Click on this link for more info.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation as we strive to keep everyone safe and enable us all to participate in and watch the Beautiful Game.

Grass Field Set-up For Teams & Spectators
(for use at Independence Park or Bear Tavern School)

covid19 field set up

Twin Pines Turf Set-up For Teams & Spectators







Coaches & Players Inside the Fence & on this Side of the Field


Spectators OUTSIDE the Fence & on this Side of the Field










Coaches & Players Inside the Fence & on this Side of the Field


Spectators OUTSIDE the Fence & on this Side of the Field