NLSA Uniforms

The Fall 2019-2020 season begins a new 2-year uniform cycle for NLSA, and the introduction of our CUSTOM Jerseys - specifically designed for NLSA! The club will again use Ewing Sports as our preferred partner for uniform and fan wear fulfillment.  Every team will need to work with Ewing to get their rosters created in their ordering system and to get their uniforms ordered.  We cannot stress this enough - ORDER EARLY - so you have your uniforms in plenty of time before the start of the season.

Contact Ewing Sports

Website: Ewing Sports

Address: 1445 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ 08618

Direct: (609) 882-8020

Help Desk: (800) 579-3636

Account Manager

Sasha Malofiy

Frequently Asked Questions for Families

Q: How long does it take to get my uniform after I place the order?
Processing time is normally 3-4 weeks.  We recommend that you order your uniform no later than June 15, for delivery in time for the start of the Fall season, as the Ewing Sports staff will be busy printing thousands of kits for clubs across the country and they are printed in the order they were placed. Orders placed after that day may not be delivered in time.

Q: What about Long Sleeve Jerseys (and the Winter Coat)?
Because our jerseys are custom designed and custom made this year, Adidas does not maintain stock of our jerseys. If you are interested in the long sleeve jerseys, they will only be available at certain times of the year.  Even though the weather is warm when you initially order your kit, and so you may not be thinking about long sleeves, we STRONGLY encourage you to order the long sleeve jerseys, if you're interested in them, at that time so that you are guaranteed to have the jerseys before the cold weather arrives.  A second ordering window will be available (and announced) but delivery prior to the cold weather is not guaranteed at that time.

Although the winter coat is not custom, demand for that jacket skyrockets across all Adidas clubs nationwide as the weather gets cold. Your best opportunity to guarantee that you have the winter coat before the cold weather arrives is to order it at the time you place your initial order.

Q: When can I place my order?
Once you receive the invitation email from Ewing Sports, order from The site is available 24-7, 365 days a year.

Q: What do I need to order?
The uniform kit has several mandatory items:

  • 2 Game Jerseys: Navy & White
  • 1 Game Shorts: Navy
  • 2 Game Socks: Navy & White
  • 1 Training Jersey: Dark Grey
  • 1 Training Shorts: Black
  • 1 Training Socks: Black
  • Warm up Jacket: Dark Grey

You may also order optional & additional items at your discretion: long sleeve jerseys, winter jacket, rain jacket, socks, shorts, warm up pants, backpack, fanwear, etc…

Q: What is the cost of the kit?
Pricing for the new kit for 2019-2020, is $235 for the above mandatory pieces.

Q: How do I know what size uniform to order for my child?
Ewing Sports is holding a try-on night at their retail/warehouse location on May 13th, at which time samples of all the items in the new kit will be available for players to try on. If you cannot attend the try-on event, you may also go to the Ewing Sports retail store to try on the kit.  Please remember that these new kits will last for two years, so pick the right sizes so it lasts. You can find additional sizing information here: Adidas Sizing Chart

Q: Can I return anything I ordered in the wrong size?
Not for anything customized. Once the order is processed with logos and numbers, those items are NOT returnable.  We encourage everyone to come to the try-on night or visit the store before placing your order to make sure you order the correct sizes. Shorts and socks, as they are not customized, can be exchanged if they still have the original tags on them and have not been worn.

Q: Can I order women’s or youth cut and uniform sizes?
Yes, women’s and youth cuts and sizes will be an option when ordering. Note, this only includes uniform jerseys and shorts.  Warm up pants and jackets, and socks will be men’s or youth sizes.

Q: Can I order a goalkeeper jersey?
Yes, there are both adult and youth sized goalkeeper jerseys available. Goalkeeper jerseys are not part of the kit.

Q: Can I pick up my order from Ewing Sports?
Yes, orders can be picked up at Ewing Sports once you are notified that it is available, or you can have it shipped for a $10 shipping fee.  Ewing Sports' address: 1445 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ 08618.

Q: How can I get help from Ewing Sports?

  • Send login and uniform-related issues to or call (800) 579-3636.
  • Contact our account manager